Welcome to My World

Vol. 1 No. 1

31 Dec 2021

I was visiting with friends yesterday when the topic of cyber bullying amongst adults came up. The subject matter was nothing new, but it has finally encouraged me to create this space anew on my website. Yes, I created this website and while it represents a vision as an organisation, this particular page and column represents me and my opinions and not the organisation or the other aspects of the organisation and its goals and aspirations.

This column is my space to share with you my Reviews, Musings and Opinions. I empahsise musings in bold because after sharing my life with a growing family at home for sixty-five years of my life, that all changed in 2016. It was the year that started with the passing of my mother in January 2016 at the age of 92, and my wife in May 2016 age 65.

With grown-up children (3) with families of their own, I talk to myself a lot more often (with good reason), than I use to.  The internet and more specifically social media apps have become the “ears” of many a person who wants to be heard outside of the thoughts in their head. Often times a good rant on social media can be cathartic for the writer, but one forgets when ranting that it is only their opinion, and for this reason one needs to wear armour against reprisals.

I hope you will enjoy reading about what is inside my head. I don’t expect to share my “shit” with you but instead to give you my slant on how I might be seeing things at a particular time through my interests and career in music, theatre, and education.

I have no idea where this “blog” will take me/us. I just hope you will join me on this journey, respect my space and I will respect yours as I take this leap into the great unknown of today and tomorrow.

© Henry Sachwald

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