Weighing Up the Risks

Vol. 1 No. 2

19 Jan 2022

It’s January 2022 and the Omicron variant of Covid is changing the goal posts once again. Businesses big and small are struggling to survive. none more so than the business of show business and in this case musical and dramatic LIVE theatre.

So the question asked is, “Is it safe to go to the theatre?” The short answer if you are triple vaccinated, wear a mask during the performance and everyone else in the theatre does the same is … (you fill in the blank).

For some the answer might be an easy yes, others might say maybe, some might say no and the rest – undecided.

At this moment theatre producers are taking risks that they should be applauded for. The theatre business generates billions locally and trillions globally. During Covid most of the theatricals (performers, directors, composers, musicians, writers, set designers, costume designers, set builders, costume makers, stage hands, sound designers, sound equipment manufacturers, make-up artists…..) have been out of work and most have recieved little if any financial support or relief.

Today productions are re-opening around the world and at the same time are having to cancel performances, go into recess for several months or close altogether due to continuing Covid related matters.

There is a wonderful list of top musical theatre opening around Australia in addition to capital city and regional festivals. I for one would love to see all of them, but like many of you I must weigh up the risks and the consequences of getting infected, just as I do when I decide to opt for click & collect at the supermarket vs going into the store.

To err on the side of caution is wiser in the long run, however, when and for how long depends on what will keep you sane and mentally healthy as well as physically healthy. 

So, when all is said and done, if “letting go” and going to see one of the hit musicals gracing a stage near you is possible, I say, “Go for it!”. The theatricals listed previously need your moral and financial support.

Unfortunately, this writer has been surrounded by too many people with Covid and needs to give close family members assistance requiring him to absent himself from attendance at two recent productions that he truly wanted to see: Jagged Little Pill and Into the Woods. Hence the inspiration for this commentary. Please support these productions if you can leave a comment to me via the comment page, https://www.musicalsaustralia.com.au/contact-ma/

For a list of current and upcoming shows go to: https://www.musicalsaustralia.com.au/whats-on

© Henry Sachwald

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