Les Misérables

Les Misérables
The Dream Cast
DVD 3984239272 Musical

Don’t think that every musical DVD is a gem, but this one is also a must have for your collection. The recording was made live at the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Les Misérables in London. Re-packaging this recording under the title of The Dream Cast is very appropriate. It is a dream cast. Comprised of performers from productions around the world this is no ordinary concert.

Supported by a chorus of 100 voices (not credited on the DVD or CD) and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, this is a performance of operatic stature. Les Misérables – The Musical is a unique musical production that stands in a category of its own in the classification of musical theatre productions. While the full theatrical interpretation never fails to impress its audience, this concert performance in full costume suits the medium of DVD and the television screen to a tee and is a must have for your collection.

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