Her Majesty’s Theatre from 5 to 19 February 2022

1 thought on “AN AMERICAN IN PARIS (Adelaide)”

  1. My daughter and I arrived at Her Maesty’s theatre today for the long-time booked American in Paris, along with other audience members, to find that the theatre was in darkness.
    I had no warning that this had been cancelled again.
    I find that on the internet, Festival Theatre productions is still advertising the show as going ahead!
    I have travelled 200 kms round trip to see this, waited untl my husband had recovered from Long Covid, and booked this as a treat for my daughter who arranged child-minding. Altogether a disappointment.
    How were we informed as audience members that the show was once more cancelled?
    I have since found a refund in my accounts for the tickets. I had presumed that this was for other bookings I had made for other performances.
    Very confusing!

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